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playing guitar with mini max stool
"I really love the minimax stool , with the adjustable segments because i can use it everywhere! as you can see i love playing the guitar,especially in the nature. unfortunately or fotunately smiley i have a small car - honda insight hybrid so i started to look for a compact stools for the nature...and once i tried my first one i bought 4 more of them!  really,really compact and better than all of the aluminium cheap folding chairs that getting broken or too big and heavy to carry in my car"
"Well my name is Rita and i was asked by my boyfriend to write a review about the mini max stool. why? because firstly i thought that the mini max stool was the worst purchase for camping that my boyfriend did. but than after we went to camping a couple of times i realized that this stool is the best for our purposes. when cooking on the portable gas stove  in the past i had to bent or to sit on the ground... now i always put the mini max stool near the gas stove and adjust the height so i can cook easily and watch my eggs on the frying pan"
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